Arriving in Gatwick and on the Gatwick Express
to Victoria Station.
Chillin at the Venezia on the first night.
The Shakespeare Bar across form the Citadines Apartment Hotel where we stayed.
Well this was a great trip!!
Decided to take Bernice to where I was born, Limavady in Northern Ireland.
Traveled with our great friends Doug (aka Bubba) and Donna, who also has
   family in Northern Ireland. We decided that if we are going to go this far
       we may as well take advantage of it and go to London,
        England first for four days and explore the culture (pubs)
          and tour around a bit.
           Flew into Gatwick July 2, and via train and ferry
          July 6 made our wat to Belfast. Rented a car and
          driver (Bubba), toured the beautiful coast of
          Northern Ireland towards my home town of
          Limavady to a B&B to visit my dear ole dad!!